Review: THE DRY by Jane Harper, published by Little Brown

Michael’s review…


dsc_0324.jpgISBN: 978 1408 708170

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again many more times, but it’s worth putting in as an introduction for the first review of every year:

I do not review books I don’t like.

It is not because I am a particularly kind reviewer. No, there are two reasons for my reluctance to write about books I can’t stand.

First, there are far too many damn good books to review to waste my time writing up bad reviews or, worse, puffing a book I think is dreadful. So I won’t. If I say I like a book, you can be sure I mean it. If I sit down at 21.00 hours on a cold Wednesday evening, unpaid, I will only write about a book if I like it.

Second, however, is the flip side of the coin. By that I mean that my tastes…

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