Seeking a Haven

Do you fancy reading about a Griffin? 😉

Cathleen Townsend

baby-griffinThis is part three of a serial. Part one is Air Attack, and part two is Griffin Egg.

*spoiler alert* In part one, a teen girl, Amy, and her brownie companion, Morin, help drive off a flock of harpies, saving three fae, a captain and his two remaining soldiers. Amy also rescues a griffin egg from the harpies.

In part two, the fae try to take the egg away from Amy because fae and mortals usually despise each other. But Amy threatens to sidestep into the mortal world, a human’s only skill in Faerie, and the fae withdraw to let the egg hatch safely in Amy’s lap.


The baby griffin was scrawny and wet, and no doubt Morin would have to listen later as Amy bemoaned the state of her jeans. He reached into his journey sack just as Amy asked, “What do I feed it, Morin?”

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