The First Review

Fior those of you who won’t read an ebook, this review is proof you are missing out on a damned good story just because of your unfathomable ridiculous prejudice!!!!

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Here is Céleste’s first review, posted yesterday (Saturday 27th February):


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In this science fiction tale of intrigue, love and unexpected female hormones, the crew of the Apkallu has their hands full!
Celeste is an artificial intelligence whose body is the spaceship the crew travels in. Becoming interested in the human emotion of love she soon begins to evolve into a fascinating temptress. Fabricating an android type body, she soon has the whole crew evaluating their relationships.
In a detailed and interesting voyage, the crew seeks to fulfill their mission of finding a new home planet. An encounter with ancient aliens brings to light some old Earth history and another shift in the crew.
An even paced story that will keep you wondering what is around the…

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