I’m sorry but it can’t be helped…


To be absolutely honest with you, the enthusiasm I initially had to write the sequel to the sequel of Race Against Time has evaporated to nothing. Do I really want to resurrect the characters one more time? Not really. I’m sorry but my heart isn’t in it. If that disappoints the half dozen of you that wanted me to write it, I can only repeat once again that I’m sorry. The truth is that unless I am one hundred percent enthused, which I have to admit, I’m not – I think you get the picture. I’m not prepared to write a ho hum story. Amazon’s virtual shelves are chock full of them.

So what do I want to do? Well I’ll continue to read and research until I find a story that I simply must write. Anyone can crank out a story. But as we all know very few are page turners. Instead the majority fall into the ‘once read instantly forgotten’ category.

My next novel, novella – whatever it may wind up as, must be an absolute page turner just as Race Against Time in its original incarnation as The Seventh Age was. In its time it sold just over a quarter of a million copies back in 2012/13. If as a writer you are being truthful to yourself, let alone your readers, once you have had a modicum of success like that, all you want is to repeat the experience.

Once again I apologise but the sequel to the sequel simply won’t be happening…



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