My idea of humour

Here is a black and white film from 1953 by the brilliant French comedic actor and film maker Jacques Tati who specialised in visual humour.jacques_tati

What you are about to see is an example of physical humour at its very best, the kind I still prefer. Standup and whatever else passes for humour today leaves me cold. Watch out for the little boy with his head between the spokes of the bus’ steering wheel, or M.Hulot’s tired old car (despite appearances it is a real car) which can’t quite climb a gentle rise in the road. Then there is the infamous canoe incident…

While it’s not immediately obvious, if you wish to see the film in full screen mode, all you have to do is click on the X to the left of the Vimeo logo. Nothing could be simpler…


7 thoughts on “My idea of humour

  1. I believe it was Tati who had a black and white (or at least very muted colors) poster/billboard designed for an art show(?) a few years ago showing him bicycling along a road with a child about five or so in a child seat on the back of his bicycle. Unfortunately he had his pipe in his mouth so the government censored it.

    So Tati responded by putting out a new poster, exactly the same as the old one except that he replaced his pipe with a large VERY bright yellow children’s pinwheel whirling where his pipe originally was.

    Nice poke at the censors!


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