An Exhibition of Socialism

Remember when Socialism actually existed. What passes for it today isn’t Socialism. In fact it’s anything but!!!

The Champagne Epicurean



This is a blog about remembering. A blog not about politics but about the aesthetics of politics. It is about remembering what we owe to various degrees of socialist reforms over the past few decades, and centuries. Socialism today may be a victim of its own success. It might be less relevant today because it has achieved so much of what it set out to do. I have already written a blog as to why I think socialism is still relevant – – the purpose of this blog is to pay homage to the heroes (and heroines) of history’s kinkiest ideology, an ideology which fulfilled the aims of the French Revolution, put the church, the aristocracy and the oligarchs in their place and gave us a society, which, whether you’re a socialist or not, is perhaps the best humanity’s ever known.

Religious suffering is, at one and…

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10 thoughts on “An Exhibition of Socialism

  1. That’s an interesting read Jack. Reminds of the quote: ‘I’d vote Labour but I’m socialist.’ Trouble is, it’s true.

    And on the original post again, re women’s rights, many radical feminists are politically left wing, but that’s because they see feminism as a class struggle.

    Either way, socialist political parties are few and far between.

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      • There are a couple of left wing ones in Spain. Izquierda Unida (united left), ciudanos (citizens) and podemos (or something, anyway, the gist of their title is together we can).

        The obnoxious right wing party needed an alliance to gain power last year. Ciudanos agreed but on one condition, that politicians were no longer above the law. And you think the UK is bad? Would you like me to repeat that? The law does not apply to Spanish politicians. Well actually it doesn’t really apply to anyone with money or power.

        Anyway, Rajoy (Franco reincarnated) wouldn’t agree to this totally unreasonable condition. So the ciudanos leader lost his job and his wimpy party caved in. Jeez.

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      • As for the UK Labour party – while they may still wear a red tie in the House of Commons, when it comes to adhering to socialist principles and beliefs – forget it! There is literally no difference between them and the Conservatives in power. Every politician in Whitehall is out for themselves and to hell with the people!!!


      • When Blair said he modelled himself Thatcher or she was his idol, whatever the words were, I realised I’d cast the wrong vote. It’s a shame Brits are so laid back. The crock of shit in Westminster should be thrown in the Thames.

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      • Now Blair is still trying to influence the electorate by telling the nation that to follow through with Brexit is foolish. In other words he and every politician here, Blair included, despite May attempting to slow our departure from the EU,while apparently going ahead, clearly do not want what the electorate wants.


      • If I hadn’t voted Brex in the first place (because I can think for myself), Blair naysaying it would be enough to make me think, oh yes. Brexit is not difficult. Well, it might cost money for a few suits, and my heart bleeds for them. Just get on with it. And I stand to lose by it.

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    • Not strictly true Kevin. While the concept, notion, call it what you will, sounds good in principal. It is nothing more than a utopean vision for the masses to cling to at the beginning of the twentieth century when the world was in utter chaos. Nothing more than that…


      • Enter your comment here…Thanks Jack. I was neither speaking in favour or against Socialism. I was interested in your view as to what constitutes the ideology as I took it from your comment (with the re-blog) that you are sympathetic towards Sthe Socialist perspective. In practice all (mainstream) UK parties are (to some extent at least) broad churches. In the Conservative Party you have the Tory Reform Group which is (broadly speaking) on the one-nation wing, and the No Turning Back Group at the other end of the spectrum with their desire to keep “Thatcherism” alive. All, to some extent at least can find elements within the Conservative tradition to support their perspective, in the same way that Blairites can point to Bernstein.

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