Why publishers reject books


Is it any wonder so many writers become independant these days, when publishers come up with such pathetic reasons not to publish books


6 thoughts on “Why publishers reject books

    • If anything the excuses have become even more pathetic than when I was writing for a trad publisher. What’s the next excuse I wonder? How about we will not publish your book because there is an ‘r’ in the month??

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      • The following comment on Facebook is typical of the arrogant attitude within the publishing industry:-

        Actually, as a soon to be indy publisher… These are just good business practices? Like, I agree with almost all of these. Because business.

        I feel like so many authors that are publishing themselves, don’t realize that traditional publishing is obviously going to be business oriented. They are in the business of publishing authors that can prove they will sell, or have written books that have proved successful in the past. I don’t understand why this is a bad thing?

        Authors aren’t flocking to Amazon because these reasons are “pathetic”, they’re flocking to Amazon because their books don’t fit the commercial mold or they seek validation.

        If any of these reasons seem “pathetic”, then you’re probably not business minded, and definitely going to have problems marketing yourself.

        The following was my answer to the above comment:-

        There is one born every minute… 😉

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