Roy George (Peter) Jecks – A Son’s Perspective

Michael Jecks’ touching celebration of his father’s life.


How do you sum up a life that was so full and so long?

Even knowing what to call him is fraught with difficulty. He was known as “Peter” for most of his life; in the Army he was known as “Lieutenant”, before a brief stint as “Private” (we won’t go into that), and rising later to the dizzying heights of “Captain”. But to the family, after seeing Eric Morecombe call Ernie Wise a “Funny little man with short, hairy legs”, it seemed only natural that our father would be named “Funny Little Fat Man”. And he liked it, I think. In recent years he became TOM, for “The Old Man”, when he turned into a slimmed-down version of himself, or “Grumps” by many of his uncountable grandchildren, but for me he was always FLFM.

The Fat Man was always a delightful, outgoing character. When a toddler, he would wake…

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