What I would really like to say, but can’t

When Trolls attack

Have We Had Help?


When it comes to reviews, as writers we are constantly being attacked by complete idiots. While we all know that we must ignore the total morons, otherwise we would be playing into their hands, wouldn’t it great if we could reply to them?

Here is a small sample of some reviews for my books from various individuals on Amazon with an axe to grind, along with what I would dearly have loved to say to them. Each one of the reviewers shows their true colours.


“My expectations kept drooping as I read the book until I could stand it no more. I felt like I was reading a narrative put together by a 7 year old without the pleasure of a 7 year old’s breathless enthusiasm. What a waste of time!”

Just a couple of points here idiot, have you ever published a book? Have you ever written anything…

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