Was it truly worth my while?


Céleste: Love, Hate, Revenge and Danger among the Stars

It never is. But then again I suppose it entirely depends on your point of view. With just thirty-seven copies taken over the five days of the giveaway, you would be forgiven for wondering if it was worth while setting up the exercise.

However, what having a five day giveaway does do at the very least is to make one or two more individuals aware of your writing, even though they normally wouldn’t dream of looking for your work because your one of those dreadful Indie persons who publishes computer files and not real books…

If one or two of those individuals who got themselves a free copy over the past five days, actually bother to read and review it, then perhaps it did do some good after all. Despite everything, I must remain optimistic. After all, for my sins, I am a full time writer.

From my personal point of view there is one positive when it comes to low numbers. It pretty well guarantees that the usual crop of brain-dead individuals who hate any book they’ve read for nothing, will not be venting their spleens about it on Amazon or its adopted child Goodreads any time soon!

Would I ever suggest holding a five day free giveaway of your book or books to any other writer? Not really. I’m sure you will agree that the kind of individual who thinks that spending US$2.99 is too much to pay for an e-book, preferring instead to get it for nothing, is hardly the kind of individual we hardworking writers wish to encourage.

The tightwads will be out of luck when I publish my current historical fiction WIP Autumn 1066 as a paperback later this year. There will be no free copies, other than those I give to my crop of beta readers! Nor will I be spending hundreds of pounds having an eye catching cover created for it, unless it’s initially bought in its thousands, (not much chance of that happening these days for an extremely short historical fiction)! Having said that, if it does sell well as a plain covered paperback, purely because of its content, I will consider publishing it in Kindle form, and having a glossy cover especially designed for it.

Let’s face facts, if a story doesn’t sell itself, there is no point whatsoever in pouring good money after bad by trying to improve its visual packaging in an attempt to make it stand out from the crowd in an already saturated marketplace! The only publications with pretty pictures I know that sell well are called glossy magazines or Bimbo fodder to you and I. When it comes to pictorial covers, those of us who have been in this game for several decades are all guilty of changing them in the past, hoping to shift more copies. Does it majorly improve any book’s chances? Rarely if ever…

Several of my writer friends still constantly change their book covers hoping to catch the prospective reader’s eye. Obviously they have more money than sense. Certainly more than I can lay my hands on. I tried it last year and I’ve yet to get back the considerable amount of money I spent on the above cover through sales. Before you ask, no you do not earn royalties from giveaways, nor pages read of free copies as far as I’m aware!!!

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10 thoughts on “Was it truly worth my while?

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t have more people taking advantage of your giveaway. I’m probably one of the people you dislike as personally $1.99 is what I’m comfortable with paying for an ebook. There are a few authors I really enjoy who have raised their price higher, one day I might try to get the rest of their books, but not until I have more money to spare.
    That said, I did take advantage of your giveaway and I plan on reading it within the next month, I’ll try to review it too.

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  2. Well one thing I’ve learned the hard way as an indie author is that your talents as a writer are not what gets people to take notice of your book. The attention you receive depends largely on the amount of time and money you invest in marketing to get it in front of as many eyes as possible and making your product look as appealing as possible (yes, with great cover art, ads, blurb, etc). Only then will readers stop long enough to consider reading the story within. It’s sad, but true, especially in the over saturated romance genre.

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  3. Hey Jack,

    Thank you for your advisory post. I am still a little way from considering self-publication and wouldn’t really know quite where to start, it seems a jungle out there sometimes.

    On a previous comment to a fellow Blogger I put forward the idea of a Partnership Publishers owned, run, administered and managed by the thousands of aspiring writers and published authors across Word Press. I was suggesting at a virtual business, with dividends shared and profits (if any) reinvested for the benefit of all, facilitating publication of people’s work. It would require a far smaller investment from each person involved than perhaps if they went at it alone and enable outsourcing and networking and relationship building more quickly and more effectively due primarily to the numbers who would be involved. We’d have buying power rather than an individual being held ransom by the charges insisted upon by publishers. I see a one stop shop if you will, a place where collective experience can be gathered and enabled, where individuals can bring their skill-sets to the table and provide expertise in getting a book from draft to finished article. Such a partnership would be effective in marketing and promotion whilst also permitting full control of the book by the author themselves….something that larger publishers tend not to permit in its entirety.

    I do not know if this is an idea that has any mileage, or indeed if a similar set-up exists already, but I have not heard of such a thing on my Internet travels. I do not know if the idea is feasible, or indeed quite how it would work in actuality. I merely mention it hear both for a little advice and opinion, and also to get a reaction. The idea of a co-operative, a partnership, just sounds the right thing to progress towards. Perhaps I am a long mile off the target, I don’t know. You are published, so what say you to the idea Jack?

    Thank you for your advice and attention.

    Namaste 🙂


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