7 thoughts on “Astronomy 1 – Religion???

  1. Interesting article with lots of good points, but I’d quibble with this one:

    “Does that mean that God incarnated as Jesus in those worlds contrary to Bible teachings that say that the redemption in Christ was a unique event meant for humans on Earth?”

    Given the time period and understanding of the heavens 2,000 years ago, even if you fully accept the whole Christian biblical teachings there’s no way in Hades it would have made any sense for the Bible to talk about other planets and civilizations orbiting suns tens, thousands, milions or billions of “light years” away. And until we meet the fellas with green tentacles, there’s no way to say that alla dem alien honchos ain’t built in the “Image of God” just like us! (Heh, did you know there are actual theological debates out there about God’s penis? Seriously.)

    – MJM, who was born a virgin…

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  2. Interesting article, Jack. Thanks for sending it our way, The Hub and I were just discussion this today, amazingly, after he’d seen a program called ancient aliens – the idea that earth may have been visited by eons-advanced aliens at some time in our distant past. Our question was: what would this mean to our religions. As for us, since we do believe that God created the universes and all contained therein, no conflict. But clearly beyond our understanding.

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