Valletta: the European Capital of Hipsters

From Justin in Malta 😉

The Champagne Epicurean

“On the long dinner table a field of food waved yellow in the dim light of dusk. The Cuban prepared deep fried pork rinds like they did in Cuba, but the rest of it was Maltese stuff; cold pasta, timpana, Maltese bread and sausages, aljolli, and saucers with olives and capers.”

The above is a quote from a novel I’m currently writing called Once Upon a Time in Cuba. For the context of this blog you don’t need to know what the novel is about; what you do need to know here is that this novel has a lot of food in it. Maltese food. Old Maltese food. And drink. Lots of drink. The kind of fare that’s becoming harder and harder to find.

The novel, as the title implies, draws a lot of parallels between Malta and Cuba. There are similarities between the two distant isles:…

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