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Kindle Unlimited KENP is an ebook sales game changer.


2 thoughts on “Just Publishing Advice

  1. Jack, thanks for sharing this! Looks interesting!

    I have not yet ported either of my books over to e-format, at least partly (largely?) because both books have significant sections that depend on formatting “tricks” to make dry material and mixed materials more readable. E.G., in one section of my more recent book, I use an introductory “even” page in slightly smaller but bold Palatino font facing an odd page reproducing a “Letter To The Editor” in regular Times New Roman for several dozen letters. Or, as another example, the use of 15 or so large font “Text Boxes” spaced throughout my earlier book offer a feeling of breathing room while also highlighting important points.

    Without those styles, I fear the reading material would feel too academic for most readers.

    I’m mentioning this because one of the sublinks on the new Kindle page talks about formatting ( https://www.justpublishingadvice.com/how-to-format-word-for-ebook-publishing-video-tutorial/ ) and seems to push pretty strongly for having no more than three fonts or effects anywhere in one’s book.

    Do you know how strict such a rule is?


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