Review: SUMMARY JUSTICE by John Fairfax, published by Little Brown

A review from Michael Jecks…


ISBN: 9781408708729 for the hardback priced £16.99

I have not read any books by John Fairfax before, so this came as a bit of a surprise.

As a tagline, choosing “William Benson is a criminal barrister with a difference. He has a murder conviction of his own” takes some beating.

We are introduced to William on the first pages. He is a young man at university who has got into a fight with Paul Harbeton, and although he had several opportunities to leave Harbeton, he is found to have hunted the man down and killed him. He is sentenced to life.

So there is the initial set up. Later, we learn that he told a trainee lawyer, Tess de Vere that he aspired to a career in the law, and although many tried to put him off over the years, he studied hard while in prison, and when he was…

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