We must never forget those who died in Grenfell Tower!!!


Unfortunately both the social media and our often politically biased news broadcasters and newspaper industry have the tendency to soon forget tragedies like the deaths a few days ago, of seventy-nine innocent immigrants forced to live in a substandard council tower block, ironically located in Kensington, one of the richest boroughs in London. Given that there are four thousand of these tower blocks here in the UK, every man woman and child living in them has the right to be safe.

To date, no one in authority (neither Kensington Borough Council nor the Government) has taken charge of the situation, or admitted culpability. Nor has the borough’s sleeping partner responsible for the safety of the tower block been named and shamed, despite the vast crowd of angry people demanding justice for the victims, who marched on the Council offices!

Instead its the people living in the neighbourhood surrounding what remains of the tower block who are doing what they can to look after the survivors.

Grenfell tower isn’t the first accommodation block to be covered in cheap flammable cladding, resulting in totally unnecessary death and destruction. Read all about Lakanal House.

The rumblings of discontent emanating from the neighbourhood are gathering momentum on a daily basis, largely fed by moral outrage. Meanwhile our Prime Minister who is known as Maybot in Europe because of her callous attitude towards ordinary people, does little except to briefly pay lip service to the tragedy. It appears that the totally preventable deaths of total innocents, forced to live in a multi-story deathtrap is a low priority for both May and her government’s agenda…

Bah humbug!!!


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