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The thorny subject


2 thoughts on “Just Publishing Advice

  1. Jack, I deeply share your pain. I’m almost totally unable to face rewriting anything more extensive than a short posting from scratch. When people say, “Well, you’ve already got it in you, just write it again!” it feels like someone telling a woman who’s lost a child, “Well, you can always have another one.”

    You might want to look around the Net for someone good who knows how to resuscitate/retrieve data. If they charge too much and you really truly can’t go that route, you MIGHT, in DESPERATION, try what I did with my last desktop a year or so ago: torture it. Seriously. Tap/drop it on the table a couple of times from at least a few inches. Open it up and vacuum it. Tap lightly on the hard drive with the handle of a screwdriver or a small mallet.

    I graduated to a chisel and medium sized hammer before my drive came back to life on that old machine for me to rescue the last month or two of data I hadn’t backed up. It died again just after, but at least I got my brainchildren back!

    – MJM, who’s now reminded his current flash drive backup is almost a month old… (although nowadays I do a fair amount of intermediate savings within quick emails to myself!)

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    • I’m not sure if taking a hammer to it will work in this case Michael. I had the original rough draft of the anthology already saved on my flash-drive. No, I’ll start again with the third edition. 😉


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