Oh what an idiot!


A couple of days ago my number one Sony Vaio laptop finally curled its toes and died, having its equivalent of a heart attack when its hard drive went into melt-down. Nothing unusual in that – even technology has to wear out! After all I had been using it on a daily basis three hundred and sixty-five days a year for the last three years.

The only major setback for me was that I was only three stories from the end of the third edition of my reworked fantasy anthology Globular Van der Graff’s Goblin Tales. While I’d religiously saved its file to the hard drive, like an idiot I hadn’t backed it up on a flash drive!!!

Fortunately I have another Vaio laptop (this one) which still works. So, it looks like I’ll be starting the rewrite once again. This time I will back up the darned file as well as saving it to this laptop’s hardrive. I retrieved the new cover, family portrait and map of Goblindom from a file here on my WordPress blog.

I was so damned close to finishing the third edition for the ebook marketplace, so very close. Serves me right for being an idiot and not backing up my crucial files…


7 thoughts on “Oh what an idiot!

  1. You have my sympathy. I was editing a novel for a client and well, I never really backed them up since it was a temporary thing. Only 10 more pages to finish when the laptop went dead. I attempted to revive it (being a retired systems manager and quite well-versed in computer technology at THAT time) and even moving the hard drive to a new computer didn’t help. When my laptop crapped, it ruined the hard drive and all was lost. Even a trip to the local repair shop couldn’t save it. I explained to my client and she was extremely gracious since her cover artist still needed time to start her cover project. They were still in basic outline mode. A new laptop, a restored copy of an old email with the novel and I was up and running. I do mean running – I spent many awake hours stuck to editing – which for my client probably proved even better since I knew where the story was going and could do many of my edits to assist in story line aid. You would think having worked in “the business” I would know better and having lost things to one incident, I would learn to religiously backup. Nope. I did it again. NOW, I try to remember to do a daily backup of what I’ve worked on that day LOL. But, I’m old and my memory is not as … now exactly what was I talking about?

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      • Nope! Back in 1988, my company computer went kaput when we turned it on. We’d made a backup at 11pm when 2nd shift finished and the guy shut it down for the night and left a note. “Weird noise just as it turned off.” When the factory mgr attempted to turn it on, it was a horrendous sound. I tried when I came in. They’d already called service. That guy turned it on, shook his head and said “Hard drive is gone. Hope you have a backup.” He put in a new drive, restored the backup to it and we were up and running. He then said “Don’t usually do this, but thought you’d enjoy.” He opened the hard drive and powder and itty-bitty chunks filtered into the trash. “That, gentleman, is your data.” The drive platter had literally crumbled. With newer tech, I’ve become sloppy and just needed to be reminded…

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  2. Sorry to read the bad news! Hard lesson to learn. That’s one of the reason I switched to an Apple computer. A few years back my PC hard drive died and I lost a ton of data. Now Apple computer hooked up to iPhone & iPad & added 2 external hard drives. Co-authoring 2 books and working on my own. Need a sense of security! Good luck editing your third edition. Try to think you might find something important missed the first time around. 🌺😘🌸 Christine


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