The Prophecy Of Death by Michael Jecks

High praise for Michael’s book 😉

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

1325, and England is not the safest place to be. Edward II’s hold on the throne, and, in particular, his territories in France, is weakening and Sir Hugh Despenser, the power behind the throne, is becoming increasingly desperate. Edward turns towards a prophecy that just might save his reign – that of St Thomas’ Oil, which, if a king is anointed by it, he will become “a lion among men”. But it seems that his rivals have other plans.

Queen Isabella, Sir Roger Mortimer, Charles IV of France, all of them would benefit from gaining the oil. But all Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and Simon Puttock want to do is return home to Devon… Needless to say, they soon become involved in investigating the theft of the oil and the murder of its guardian, but they have more personal concerns. Despenser has finally had enough of Baldwin’s interference – and…

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