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…who read my science fiction space opera Onet’s Tale, the sequel to Turning Point, the science fiction story I wrote in 1995? Not many of you I suspect since after falling out with me, the publisher pulled it off the market!

A few days ago I was looking for some of my unused saved material for my fantasy anthology Goblin Tales, which I am currently re-working. In amongst everything stored in the sideboard I came across my original MS for the story in question under its original title – The Berserker Saga, saved on a CD. Before you ask, I wrote it while on a trip back to New Zealand in 2003. Needless to say I spent many months more than I intended back in Nzed while I wrote it. It all came to an abrupt halt when my then laptop objected to having coffee spilt all over it. Thank god for the CD!

After returning here to the UK it would be seven years before I was in the position to offer it for consideration to a publisher, let alone afford a replacement laptop. As it was, it was available on Amazon for barely six months back in 2010…

So, once I have finished re-working Goblin Tales, I’ll be tackling The Berserker Saga once again, minus all the nonsense the publisher insisted must be added, such as his curriculum vitae of the characters, just because he couldn’t remember who is who, plus his adding his and his then business partner’s names to the by line. The latter being the reason we fell out!!!

The more astute among you will have read it chapter by chapter already, since I published it here on my blog over many weeks last year. As its 102, 518 words in length on 196 A4 pages, which equates to a little over 324 pages for both the ebook and print versions, I fully expect it to occupy me for most of next year (2018).

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4 thoughts on “Hands up…

  1. I wish you a fruitful 2018 with the new version of “The Berserker Saga,” Jack. It’s strange how many of us return to elder work when we grow older to rewrite it. In 2014, I published (in Dutch) “Alejandro’s Leugen” (Alejandro’s Lie) a new version of “De Stenen Wachter” (The Stone Sentinel), a novel that I published in 1988…..The French translation “Le Mensonge d’Alejandro” became a nice success in France and the French speaking parts of Canada. For more than 20 years I had wrestled the feeling that “The Stone Sentinel” was not entirely the novel that I’d wanted to write at that time….And so, after all these years, I rewrote it….and didn’t regret it…. πŸ™‚ I hope you will fare the same…..

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    • Thanks Bob – much appreciated. I always think of a story as being like a painting. We create it, set it aside for a while by letting people read it in ebook form, then go back to it to work on it until it positively shines, this time as a paperback.;)

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