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cda434014b3bb07e8d7db7d167fa00a2My father taught me a powerful lesson growing up; I watched many a time as he out-intimidated the legion of official and governmental bullies that routinely harass all Indians and make millions of lives miserable. “Do you know who I am” he would roar, and the would-be bully would literally quake with fear and trepidation. And he did this with genuine anger, because this kind of official misbehavior personally offended him. He stood up not just for himself—in his prime, he was a wealthy, powerful, articulate and educated man with immense influence—but for those with lesser resources, and even for the illiterate poor who had no option but to bow down to these horrible apologies for man so that they could get their work done. Since survival was a burning issue for many of these people, and the bullies knew they held the winning card, most often there was no…

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3 thoughts on “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?

  1. Holding your head high, standing firm in your beliefs, is easier when done on the behalf of others. Doing it for yourself has to be weighed up carefully. You need to be sure you are right and not just throwing your weight about first. There is something to be said for quietly making it known that you have given consideration to the facts and you will return if you believe an injustice is being done. There is a fine line between bullying and being bullied. Corruption is usually based in ignorance and greed. Well done you for being firm. Not easy for a woman in India … especially outside her home.

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