Apathy Rules…


It’s a sad fact but reader apathy is on the rise.

When I posted this, deep down I knew there would be little interest due to the modern day curse – reader apathy.

Only one person wanted to read and review the third and final edition of my fantasy anthology – Goblin Tales. I gave twelve of you the choice to read it prior to publishing for nothing. All I wanted in exchange was a positive review from each of the twelve. While a few of you (13) clicked ‘like’, that was as far as any of you was prepared to go.

To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. But it’s what most authors expect these days, despite all of our hard work. By not taking up my offer, which would cost you nothing but a bit of your time, you killed a wonderful fantasy anthology, depriving the rest of the english speaking world of the chance to immerse themselves in it…

The ultimate irony is that had eleven more of the thirteen people who ‘liked’ the post taken up the offer to email me for their free .pdf copy to read and review, this post would never have been written. But it’s still not to late for you to change your minds. Just follow the instructions on the previous via the above link in red.

Remember – books need to be read, not ignored…


13 thoughts on “Apathy Rules…

  1. While I do appreciate what you are saying, I’m afraid, in this case, it is something different. Even as a child, I have had a distaste for fantasy. My environment was so surreal my search for something I could believe began. It has only grown over the years. I’m afraid the closest I’ve been able to get was a few volumes of a Jasper Fforde series but even that began to be over the top…
    I have a dear friend who had a similar childhood and for him, fantasy was his escape. We all deal and survive in our own ways. I can read it, I just don’t enjoy it so I hope you will forgive and allow me to enjoy your words that are not part of the fantasy world.

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  2. Like most of MY blog readers, I’m interested in your prose – and don’t do goblins or any other fantasy things these days.

    They say to keep providing your readers with ‘content’ but the people who stop by my blog from things like search engine recommendations are not usually the readers of mainstream literary fiction.

    Even the people who have read and reviewed Pride’s Children rarely follow my blog. Non-overlapping Venn diagrams!

    My blogging is erratic, personal, and not at all like my fiction.

    One of these days I may serialize Book #2 on the book’s blog, but I haven’t even decided to do that yet. A lot of work – not that much reward, considering how much effort went into it last time, and how few readers I picked up that way.

    I have so little daily energy and functionality, the only way I survive is by pleasing myself: I use it for completing the trilogy if I can, and for just fooling around if I can’t (which sometimes results in blog posts).

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      • I think it’s because my points are often opposite to yours, and I’m being polite on your blog.

        I am extremely focused in my fiction; my blog posts are dumps.

        I do use comment boxes on interesting blogs sort of as writing prompts, to get the brain started. If I waited for mini-editorials, I’d never get a word out.

        I will probably not publish non-fiction – I don’t care enough about it, am not interested in the proper research background.

        The only thing I might do some day is a book on writing – because that’s where I think I may be really different. And I can’t be unique – so there would be a small coterie of writers out there who might benefit. Other books on writing that were so positive they were right were horribly wrong for me to follow.

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