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After what seemed like forever (in reality a calendar month), the third and final edition of Glob’s wonderful tales are now live on Amazon in Kindle and paperback form.

Here are the two main links:



So now is the time for you to read the anthology. Then post that review.

Just remember – we all need a little magic in our lives. Glob’s Tales are chock full of magic and wonderful characters!!!

The Andean Diaries

The Andean Diaries

Something from Justin 😉

The Champagne Epicurean

Buenos Aires and the New World

We have left Europe behind. Everything we know, all the crusades, the world wars, the feel of home, even the Mediterranean is behind us. And now we were somewhere new. An alien world that bears traces of where we come from. We don’t feel like travellers we feel like extraterrestrials.

But as the taxi drives us into the skyscraper-studded panoramas of that Paris of the Americas, Leila, my daughter, and I, look at each other and we know: these extraterrestrials won’t be feeling homesick anytime soon.

We spent nearly a week in Buenos Aires. Most of our time was spent in the effervescent streets of La Boca. Leila was hypnotized by the swirling mass of colours – “can we paint our house like that, can we, can we please!”

Our house? The phrase cast a dagger-shaped shadow over my heart. Leila wouldn’t be living…

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…how can this music NOT touch yer soul?…

I love this kind of music 🙂

Seumas Gallacher

…to this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler, there are some things which are unimpeachable… foremost of these is the kind of music Davy Spillane treats us with in the video above… many of yeez know I lived and WURKED in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull in the Scottish Hebrides through my late teens… my entanglement with the Gaelic language, its songs and its music has been steadfast ever since… ask islanders when they hear the plaintiff grace notes, what it does for them, and most will not be able to explain the emotions that are stirred… having resided amongst that community for the time that I did, I think I may have some of the answer… there’s a remarkable sense from time to time of being alone, but not of being lonely… of welcoming into yer spirit a calm that only pibroch-style music offers… sure, it’s a kinda selfish…

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Most Beautiful|زیباترین

Most Beautiful|زیباترین

Another terrific story from Laleh 😉

A Voice from Iran

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was so beautiful that every single man in the country wished to marry her.


All of the richest men went to see her in person to ask for her hand in marriage. The beautiful girl always tested the men to see if they really loved her or not.

She constantly rejected them because she believed none of these men loved her truly as none of them passed the test. The men never told others what the test was because they didn’t want the next person to win her.

Constantly, the men didn’t pass the test and had to leave. One day a young man insisted that he was the one and that he would gain her trust.


He said that he loved her so much and he would easily pass the test. She invited him in her home and asked him…

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Walking Off These Blues

Walking Off These Blues

One of the greats of the music world passed yesterday…


Most tributes to “Fats” Domino will mention the more publicized “Blueberry Hill.”  My favorite will always be, “Walking To New Orleans.”

It was the early sixties.  I could feel the despiration in his voice as I walked cornfield rows, chopping weeds in hot, summer heat. It was a miserable job, and I’d rather not have been there–but, I couldn’t quit.  Had to keep on walking.

Antoine “Fats” Domino, you’ll have lots of company in the rock & roll hall of fame in the sky.  In my mind, you’ll always be “Walkin’ To New Orleans.”

I’ve got no time for talkin’

I’ve got to keep a-walkin’

Gonna’ need two pairs of shoes

When I get done walking these blues

Cause I’m walkin’ to New Orleans

New Orleans is my home

That’s the reason why I’m goin’

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