Born With No Tail| بدون دم متولد شده

Another priceless tale from Laleh 😉

A Voice from Iran

A long time ago, on the way to a small town, a donkey was stuck in a hole and the owner was trying hard to rescue his donkey.


A passer saw the situation and came to help.


The passer held the donkey’s tail and tried to pull hard to help the donkey come out of the hole but instead, he ripped the tail off. The owner started to yell. The passer ran away and the owner ran after him.

The passer ran into a dead end, so he entered a house without permission.


There was a pregnant woman in the house and got very scared which made her lose her fetus, so her husband started to run after the passer along with the donkey’s owner.

The passer was running fast and jumped over a wall and fell on a sick man who was there with his son and killed the…

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