Deceived|فریب خورده

Another wonderful tale from Laleh 😉

A Voice from Iran


A hungry fox was passing by a village when he saw a rooster. Eager to relieve his hunger, the fox tried to find a way to hunt the rooster.


The fox told the rooster: “Hello friend, I knew your father, he had a great voice. How about you? Are you a good singer?”

The rooster replied: “Of course I am. In fact, I sing better than my father,” and closed his eyes to sing.

The fox’s plan worked well, it was the perfect opportunity for him to hunt the credulous rooster.  The fox jumped and grabbed the rooster with his teeth.


The rooster regretted how easy he was deceived and started to crow.


The village’s dogs heard the rooster’s crow and ran toward the fox.

The rooster told the fox: “In order to stop the dogs to follow you, you should shout and tell them, ‘This rooster doesn’t belong to…

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