Why Your Favorite Author Probably Can’t Give You a Free Book

For those who hate to buy a book!!!

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It’s a dilemma that many in my circles are puzzling over: in today’s world, authors have nearly limitless creativity and research sources and opportunities to get their stories out to a wider audience…but fewer people are willing to pay for them.

I’m an administrator for a few dozen authors’ Facebook pages, and from time to time I glimpse notifications of another message with the same question, phrased in a few different ways: “Why is your book (or ebook) so expensive?”

If you’ve ever wondered that yourself—and I don’t blame you, because I did too before I started working in publishing—here are a few thoughts that authors probably want to say but feel they can’t, because it seems a little too direct, a little too self-serving (even though it really isn’t).

It’s the same reason restaurant owners can’t give you a free dinner: because that’s how they make a living. Sure…

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2 thoughts on “Why Your Favorite Author Probably Can’t Give You a Free Book

  1. I must confess to having enjoyed a free meal in a restaurant (and wine). It flowed from work a friend had done on the establishment’s website and rather than paying him they furnished both my friend and I with a free dinner. I felt a little guilty but I have eaten in the same restaurant for many years and it was due to me that my friend first ate there in the first place. I do give away books but completely understand why many authors/poets don’t. Kevin

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