A word to the wise…

This reminder is for any of you who post your book review(s) on Amazon sites other than Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

If you want the rest of the world to see what you have written, don’t just post it on your own country’s Amazon site. Whether you agree or not, as far as Amazon is concerned, the two most important book selling sites they have are the above. By all means post on your local Amazon site. But to get your thoughts on any given book well-known, first of all post them on the two main sites.

The sixth review for my extremely short historical novella Autumn 1066 was originally posted on Amazon.ca (Canada) before it appeared on Amazon.com at my urging yesterday:

on November 30, 2017
Writing about history needs special skills which Jack Eason has. I enjoyed reading This Book. I am honoured to learn from Jack Eason’s years of experience. Keeping history alive is priceless. Thanks for writing.

Remember, when it comes to sales and readership, your thoughts not only matter, but also encourage others to want to read the book you have reviewed!


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