Saving my Sanity!

The latest from Michael. 😉


I am indebted to my brother Clive for saving my sanity this month. 

How, you ask? Good question.

You probably know already that I have written more than the average number of novels. 33 of them in my Templar series, I’ve a Hundred Years War trilogy, a Bloody Mary series, plus several collections, novellas and other bits and pieces. However, even with over forty novels written in my own name, all published by mainstream publishers, I would be grateful for a small percentage of what Dan Brown earned from one novel.

Yeah. You guessed it.

Am I jealous of his success? You bet. He did a great job of taking the main theme of The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail, invented a professor of ancient runes (or was that Terry Pratchett?) and launched himself to super stardom.

Have I read Da Vinci Code? Um – no.

No, it’s not…

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