A New Year, A New Style

Wish Michael every success…


This month’s reading for basics. Other books in the TBR pile!

Those who have kept up with my recent blogs will know that I have tried a number of different approaches in recent months.

First I had the brilliant idea of going to first principles and writing long hand with my fountain pens (thanks, Dante del Vecchio and Visconti), but although I was very keen on the idea, there is no doubt that it was a much slower method than my old one of simply typing things straight to computer, and I have to admit, I find that my thoughts and writing flow much better with a keyboard. Ideas and planning is better with a pen and paper, but actual writing, for me, is best on screen.

My new approach involves using my Astrohaus Freewrite. It will be much faster to type, and with luck the fact that I can…

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