Envy is an ugly trait in a writer!!!


It has to be said that in the current world of the written word, occasionally good old fashioned green eyed envy rears its ugly head. Along with envy comes jealousy and professional hatred, combined with personal loathing for you when your books sell in their thousands each year. In particular this usually applies to an ‘Indie’ after he or she parted company with his or her former publisher, editor or agent, to strike out on their own. A few of the aforementioned simply cannot stomach the idea that you have succeeded without them.

It is a fact that in the world of the written word, there is still a hell of a lot of professional snobbery. How many independent writers of your acquaintance have ever received a begrudging “well done” from their former trad or small press publishers? I’m betting that its next to none.

Instead, what the vast majority of us are guaranteed to receive from them is nothing but unmitigated harsh criticism and scorn. Why? Because since parting company with them, we have experienced varying degrees of literary success in the only way that really matters in the end – multiple book sales each month!

Even one or two writers who’s own sales are to all intent and purpose none existent add to the mix usually by adopting a pseudonym to add their bile, invective and scorn in the form of a one star troll review. We have all had them at one time or another.

On behalf of all ‘Indies’ I have only one thing to say to each and every one of you – for god’s sake get over yourselves! When you have a literary success, I will be among the first to congratulate you, not criticize and belittle as you are doing.

Lastly, E.L James is a classic example of someone who has experienced envy, jealousy, hatred and loathing, mostly from within the industry. The simple fact that her first book – Fifty Shades of Grey has achieved success is anathema to a lot of the so-called professionals in the writing game. So what if the original was chock full of errors? Millions of readers didn’t give a damn. They loved it!!!

Once mainstream publishing realised that she had written a winner it was already too late. They had their chance and blew it. The point is that her book appeals to millions of readers worldwide. I say good for her!


4 thoughts on “Envy is an ugly trait in a writer!!!

  1. Your post reminds me of Kipling’s line “the envy of that little yellow god”. There are those who still adopt a snobbish attitude towards Kipling’s work, while many others (including me) admire his writing. He wrote verse that appealed to all sections of society (including that illusory figure “the common man”). Kevin

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