My favourite characters to write about…

… are always strong, beautiful women!


Lieutenant Lynne Crawford as I envision her in my sci-fi novella The Guardian



Céleste as I always imagined her in my sci-fi novel of the same name.


There are a few more, but the photographs of the two ladies who inspired me to create Lynne and Céleste will suffice as perfect examples…

It’s a fact that with every book I write, I push the envelope that little bit further. If you have ever read any of them you will know that without exception each and every one of my female characters is not only loyal, feisty, beautiful and strong minded, but also vulnerable and extremely feminine.

When it comes to creating each of them I always ask myself what it is about them that would make me a mere male, sit up and take notice. It is true to say that with each principle female character that I have created over the years, while writing about them, inevitably I always fall head over heels in love with the idea of them, even now, a few days into the beginning of my seventh decade. There I go bearing my soul to you…

By now the more astute among you will have deduced that I adore any and all women exhibiting all of the above qualities, even if I have never actually been lucky enough to share my life with one.

Remember, no matter the age of the writer, we’re all still human. By that I mean that specific characters we create, we absolutely want to get to know, even though they’re only in a story. The beautiful Céleste was the latest in a long line of leading ladies who I was privileged to spend time with – lucky, lucky me…  😉

As their creator, while any story I come up with tends to write itself, I still hold the ultimate power of life and death over my characters. All I’ll add to that is to say my male characters had better treat my leading ladies right – or else!

In the past I have merely skirted around any love affair between my hero and the woman in his life by employing the old writer’s standbys of insinuation, inference and allusion when it comes to what is actually going on between them. Like most writers of my acquaintance, I leave anything which could be described as pornographic to the E.L James’ of this world. Besides which, my publisher (Amazon KDP) would never agree to publish it if it was. This is something every writer has to bear in mind when writing about what their characters get up to in private, especially when dealing with some American publishers…

PS – I defy any male reader not to at the very least fall in lust with my ladies when they read about them.

PPS – I kept a copy of the above photographs handy while writing The Guardian and Céleste WIPs, purely for the purposes of inspiration and soul searching you understand. At least that’s what I still tell myself.

Oh to be their age again (sigh)…



4 thoughts on “My favourite characters to write about…

  1. Jack, it goes the same way for some female writers. I’ve got my main male character set in my mind. He’s tall, muscular and model gorgeous. You could get lost in his eyes, and his smile is to die for! I’d like to be younger too! (sigh) 🙄📚☺️ Christine


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