Blowhards and other self-important idiots!


The following is the mantra of the blowhard – no matter the subject, I’m always right, while you are always wrong!!!

Since receiving a few complaints via email recently, I need to apologise to the majority of my readers, those who want to comment on any of my blog posts, without being taken to task by total idiots, whether or not the posts are mine, or reblogged from some other source. All of this because I let a blowhard get away with a rant.  Mea Culpa…


It is inevitable that when you operate one of the top fifty daily blogs, that sooner or later it will attract the odd blowhard. Or in the case in question, a control freak! You know the kind of individual I’m talking about. Their principal trait is an overwhelming belief in their own self-importance. If that wasn’t enough they are often pompous and condescending. All blowhards are egomaniacs who by their very nature must dominate any post’s discussion (comments), no matter what.

The blowhard is easily recognised in any forum. In their eyes they’re always right and everyone else is wrong. As writers we see it all the time when one of them posts a one star review in a sea of favourable ones, hoping to turn people against a particular book because it is popular…

It would be fair to say that over the years this blog has attracted one or two, along with a couple of grammar nazis and a few literary snobs, each of them examples of the more objectionable individuals any blogger will come across sooner or later.

While most bloggers will simply consign the blowhard’s comments to the trash, from time to time I have had a bit of fun at their expense by letting them have their head. Why did I do that? To expose them to the blogosphere, and to give my readers the opportunity to see them for what they truly are.

Whenever a post attracts their attention, through their often barbed comments they dismiss out of hand everyone else’s opinions, thereby reducing any discussion to a one sided diatribe. I fully admit that the temptation to guide the blowhard towards the point where they are hoisted by their own pétard is huge. Sorry folks, from time to time I just can’t help myself. Occasionally when I’m feeling mischievous I have to reply to their often biased comments, if only to stir them into putting their foot in their mouths yet again.

Like most ranting egoists, once identified, the blowhard becomes an easy target for exploitation at their expense. They are so damned predictable! Occasionally I would set a trap with a specific post, allowing them a platform, thereby flushing them from the blogosphere’s equivalent of the undergrowth into the open, exposing them in the process.

All I can say to the blowhards is this – I feel for your family and friends. It must be sheer hell for them having to live with you. In case you hadn’t noticed, it is at my discretion that this blog allows all readers the freedom to post their opinions without fear or favour. So if you feel that you just can’t help yourself and simply have to dominate any conversation on this blog, forget it – won’t happen!!! Your comments will wind up in the trash, if you can’t keep it civil.

Just in case any blowhard is in any doubt on where they stand with me, be assured that in me you have met your match. My father was oft heard to quote the following when dealing with certain distasteful individuals, “If you give someone enough rope, they’ll hang themselves, a point of view I firmly share. Blowhards, you have been warned. From now on this blog is not only a grammar nazi and literary snob free zone, but also free from any and all blowhards.


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