Pinkerton’s Great Detective – The Amazing Life and Times of James McParland, by Beau Riffenburgh, published by Penguin Group.

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I found this book while researching the early 20th Century. It was not the book I was expecting.

In the 1800s, there was a furious series of battles, more or less, between Miners in different coal and steel areas, and the companies that owned the mines, the railways, and smelting works. It was a series of Labour struggles for fair pay, improved safety, and less hardship. A gang of Miners calling themselves the Molly Maguires, who were suspected as being associated with the Ancient Order of Hibernians, began to use violence to promote their own cases.

But the Molly Maguires and AOH did not stick to threatening or striking. They took up guns, and began to murder mine managers and owners, or merely settle debts.

The story of the Molly Maguires was the story of the development of America and the development of labour laws, as well as the growth…

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