I still don’t get it!


How can you possibly ‘Like’ a blog post unless you have taken the opportunity to actually read it in the first place. It makes no sense whatsoever! I’ve had totally illogical responses in the past. One stands out. I’m talking about people who think that clicking ‘like’ is good. It is, but it isn’t! All it shows is that you can’t actually be bothered to read the post in question! If you did, I’m betting that you would feel compelled to comment!

We all know that while there are millions who still love to read, the majority who class themselves as writers these days, especially on all forms of Social Media – simply aren’t. Instead they pontificate endlessly on the English language and its use. I would suggest that these people have yet to write a book of their own!

In complete contrast, one or two of us like myself and my fellow authors Adele Marie Park, Seumus Gallacher, Bob Van Laerhoven and Allan Hudson to name a few, are actually the genuine article. We don’t spend our entire time just talking about writing. We are writers in the truest sense of the word. We also read work by others, be it a book or a blog post!!!

Now back to the totally illogical practice of ‘Liking’ blog posts. The whole concept of why people do it without reading the post before them in the first place is utterly beyond me. After all, you wouldn’t ‘Like’ or dislike a sculpture, painting or play without familiarising yourself with it first!

Well would you?

All I’m asking is that you break a bad habit. Start with this post. Don’t just click ‘Like. Comment on it for goodness sake! Even if as one of the writers out there who thinks that you are gaining Brownie points by following my blog and others, you completely disagree.

One thing is abundantly clear. I’m not the only one needing answers as to why it is people feel compelled to just ‘Like’ blog posts, while neither reading nor commenting. Help me and everyone else make sense of this utterly nonsensicle practice.

I have to say it makes me wonder why people bother to ‘follow’ my blog, or anyone else’ for that matter if they have no intention of reading the posts we provide. Perhaps seeing how many blogs you can follow is today’s equivalent of collecting stamps. I would remind you that even stamp collecting requires much more from its participants than merely liking those little bits of paper!!!


67 thoughts on “I still don’t get it!

    • It makes no sense Bette. I can fully understand someone ‘liking’ a photo of aunt Maud, Cousin Cecil, the family, pets etc. But, the last time I checked blog posts were/are primarily about words!!!


  1. I always read a post before deciding whether or not to like it. I seldom comment even if I do like the post though, either because most posts have been published half a day or more before I get around to read it, or I honestly can’t think of anything I can add to the conversation.

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  2. For me, it is respect. I will “like” a post when I think it’s well written and gives me something to think about or informs me on something I didn’t know. For me, it’s a ‘great job’ like. But if it’s something that has really hit an emotional point, or I have a question, I will comment. I think you are assuming those likes are just a “I was here”, but I don’t think that is always the case. I don’t like it unless I have read it. You old grump. LOL πŸ™‚

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    • It’s not about being an old grump Robynn. The ‘like’ button only ever applies to sites like Pinterest, or Facebook, both of them repositories for photographs and damned all else… πŸ˜‰


  3. If I feel I have nothing to add to a conversation I won’t comment but I will acknowledge that something has been written with a like. On occasions I will like that someone has troubled to write something but on a subject I don’t agree with, like religion. I don’t do religious posts, rarely comment and don’t tweet but I have to accept they have a right to their opinion.

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    • Thank you David. In this particular instance being given the choice of whether or not to just click the ‘Like’ button or not is a cop out on behalf of WordPress. To my way of thinking it’s almost as pointless as Amazon asking for a review from you when buying a garden tool! One last point – since most if not all newspapers are online these day, thereby giving the reader to have their say on any subject contained in a newspaper’s pages, what is the point of still printing millions of copies for sale on the nation’s high streets???

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  4. Some people will like a post they see in the reader… but it is only a snippet and not the whole article. I know because I sometimes an irate comment saying I did not give them a contact link .. I explain that it is in the original post on the blog. I agree that it would be nice if they read the whole post and those that like but do not comment on my blog are still welcome as I know that even if they do not comment they will share on social media and that does make a difference. I will hang on to my like button… I know that some have taken it off their blogs and Hugh Roberts has done so.. Perhaps you might think about removing it and see if that encourages more people to comment.. Sally

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  5. Thanks a lot for mentioning me as one of the “real deal” Jack, although, at the moment, I don’t feel that way, being sick and all…The liking affair: I read the posts, but, sometimes, when I have too much on my plate, I don’t have the time to leave a reply, but I still want to let the author of the post know that I’ve read his text and liked it….If that’s not the case, I don’t respond at all…The problem of this time and age is that we’re bombarded with all kinds of texts we “have to” read….That’s why, for years now, I have restricted the number of blog posts I follow….Because you’re frank and outspoken – respect for that – I follow with great pleasure yours…Most of the time, your hammer hits the nail accurately! πŸ™‚

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  6. I read a lot of posts and ‘like” but don’t always comment and perhaps I should. I have so many visitors but very few comments. Maybe no one sticks around to get to the comment box? Who knows?


  7. Yes I have been puzzled how someone can Like my blog 2 seconds after it’s posted. It would be fun if we could give a comprehension test to the Liker’s. Comments are best, but I think some of us genuinely Like without comment sometimes, because we enjoyed reading, want the blogger to know we visited, but at that particular moment do not have the witty or wise comment the blogger deserves or we have to go and cook dinner. If everyone commented, the poor blogger might be overwhelmed. From my humble position quite new and on the ege of the playgound, I prefer a litttle row of pictures to a blank space.


  8. Jack, a straight to the point blog post! A few words as a comment are enough, even if a followers says I have nothing to add but your subject (whatever it was) made me think. I’ve seen some strange followers liking my comments on other blogger’s sites. When I check who they are, they are marketing something. Good message! Christine


  9. I can see why this would frustrate you but as The Story Readng Ape said, if I don’t have anything to say regarding a blog entry I have read, then I don’t. I will not like a blog entry that I have not first read, that would be pointless. So if you see that I have liked one of your posts, then rest assured, I have read it first.


  10. I suffer from the instant click on a lot of my posts, which may well be karma as I’m guilty of not always commenting. But, I do try to read everything that interests me. And comment if I have something to add to the conversation.

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  11. Guess what, Jack. WordPress has made it impossible to like or comment on many blogs. Not yours though. Others don’t have a comment box until you log in. Log in and message log in pops up. Try to like and nope not that either. It’s a crap shoot after having to log into a WordPress account. Other bloggers have had trouble too. Thank you WordPress, not! πŸ“šπŸŽΆ Christine

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