We Were Supposed To Be Going Home

From Ralph – Enjoy 😉

Step In To My View

The spacefaring vessel Abatyse launched in late August, 2217, one of a fleet of twenty precious seedships. Her precious cargo- genetic material for every crucial plant and animal from Earth, the technology to clone and foster their growth, and… me. The AI on board guided the ship out of the solar system as I slept, unfurling the solar sails, and keeping watch over its wards as the Abatyse and its counterparts began their long one-way journey towards Kepler-296f.

The AI maneuvered the Abatyse through meteoric minefields and around the gravitational pull of dying stars, protecting its contents at all costs. It used boosters and bolstered radiation shields when situations called for it. At irregular intervals the ship would pull in to orbit around a star, furling its sails and recharging its batteries for the next long haul across the cosmos. Always, it would continue on undaunted by tribulation or distance…

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