Marjorie Mallon’s book…

Here’s my review…

What do you say about a book in a genre you normally steer clear of? In the case of Marjorie Mallon’s first book The Curse of Time, Book One – Bloodstone, the first thing to say is that it demonstrates just how the author’s mind works. It gives the impression of having been written at a frenetic pace. And yet the story takes an age to unfold before the reader. Right from the start I loved the heroine Amelina. Seeing the world through the eyes of a fifteen going on sixteen year old young woman was an education for this crusty old male writer.

If I had any form of criticism to make it would be… Sorry, but I can’t think of anything bad to say about the book. While YA is not my cup of tea, I take my metaphoric hat off to Marjorie.


Well done that lady,

😉 xx

18 thoughts on “Marjorie Mallon’s book…

  1. Stepping out of genre is something I try to do as often, in writing as well as reading. It stretches the parts of the brain that are slack from the lack of excersise and if it is not my cup of tea I remember what Dad said ‘just cause the flavour is different, it does not mean the recipe was wrong’. Well he was wise and as you say Marjorie writes well and YA seems to be very popular so I too will give it a go. 👍

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