Smorgasbord Afternoon Video – Now for the Border Collie and Agility.

Love this furry girl. She is a ball of energy 😉

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

On Monday I shared a video of a Lassie Collie in slow motion as he sailed across the agility course.. Today a border collie who is not going to stop for anything…The owner also explains the areas that can be difficult for the team, especially at this speed.. Try to keep up.

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Interview with Author, M. J. Mallon

Majorie’s interview…

Cindy's Notebook

Welcome to my Wednesday Author Interview Series.

Today, I am interviewing Marjorie Mallon.

Welcome, Marjorie!

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

A:  I’m a late bloomer, with a young outlook on life. I adore all forms of creativity: art, photography, music, poetry, prose, drama, etc. I can’t draw or paint but I wish I could!  Instead, I enjoy taking photographs. I live in the UK in Cambridge with my husband and youngest daughter. My eldest daughter is abroad at the moment teaching English as a Foreign Language in South Korea and I miss her terribly. Family is very important to me and perhaps that is why I wrote a family-centered YA novel. But, please believe me when I say that my main protagonist Amelina’s dysfunctional, weird family is nothing like my own!

Q: When and what made you decide you wanted to be a writer?

A: It wasn’t a…

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Love this. Unless you are made of stone, so will you! 😉

The Lonely Author


Corazón is heart in Spanish. It is also used to address one’s beloved as “my heart” or the equivalent of our “sweetheart.”

Marisposa means butterfly. But it is the name of the Cuban national flower (pictured below).



Earrings swaying like maracas
As the scent of Mariposas filled the air
My Corazón crooned so lovingly
A Caribbean breeze of lyrics
Blew through my yearning hairs

She ignited a bonfire of passion
With her Spanish lullaby
A hymn that came from up above
As angelic goose bumps danced on my skin
Sashaying to her tender love

My heart were her bongos
Intoxicating words drenched with nourishment
Are more vital than the air I breathe
Corazón whispered loving words to the world
As she serenaded me with her poetry.


Today’s post was inspired by Nandita’s live recitation of Pablo Neruda poetry in Spanish and English. (It was the first time…

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Thinking Aloud on a Sunday

More from our man in Beetley…



I had an unusually deep sleep last night, and woke up remembering a rather vivid dream. It involved personal stuff that I won’t go into here, so this post is not about that dream, before you ask. But it did involve family, which naturally got me thinking about that. Not my immediate family, like my wife, and her children, but the wider topic of family as a concept, in the modern age.

When I was younger, family was something we took for granted. Family, right or wrong, and always above friends, acquaintances, and colleagues of course. You may not have cared that much for a particular family member, but if he was uncle this, or she was auntie that, you tolerated their presence, and went along to visit them too. It didn’t matter if they might be loud, annoying, or even smell of too much perfume. They were family…

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Wash ‘n’ go

A little something special from our Sue (Ani’s human). 😉

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Pixabay

I took a book into the bathtub today
It is something I used to like doing,
But over the past many years, I would say
I’ve grown expert at high speed shampooing.

‘Me time’ a concept that just passed me by
Or abandoned somewhere long ago…
What with fighting the sons for the bathroom each day
I just couldn’t be bothered, you know.

But I had a day off so I dug out the treats
That were sent from way north of the border
I lined up the lotions and potions and stuff
For a beauty regime made to order.

The book waited patiently just within reach
While I turned from lobster to shrimp
And scrubbed and shampooed and perfumed and soaped…
Had a good girly preen and a primp.

I’d forgotten how long this lark takes, though you know
As I tended to each nook and cranny,

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…Authors… Giveaways, Freebies and Promos are all a matter of balance…

More from my fellow septuaganerian McSporran 😉

Seumas Gallacher

…as a writer, I’m often asked, ‘why give yer stuff away for free?’… this ol’ Jurassic Scots scribbler can be as charitable as the next man… but, with a nod to my Caledonian heritage, and to quote a famous writer of the past, “…his generosity knows bounds!…”…delving into the wunnerful WURLD of self-publishing ten years ago, heralded an entire raft of nuances and ‘tricks of the trade’on Auntie Amazon’s Kindle… all in the quest of finding the sweet spot for broadening my readership, and seeing the sales and downloads graphs head skyward… experimentation was the order of the day, mixing and matching the various methods of tempting subscribers… Free Promo spells… auction bids… then Goodreads Giveaways, throwing as many as five or ten copies of books at a time at lucky draw winners… Facebook readers’ groups, much more satisfying, because at least the author gets to…

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