…a wee post about Majlis visits in the Middle East…

More from ‘that man’ in the Gulf…

Seumas Gallacher

…first up, for my non-Arabic friends, an explanation  of the WURD, ‘Majlis’ will be helpful… literally it means, ‘the place of sitting’… in Arabic society, the higher essence is of a council, where authority can listen to the views and opinions of those in their respective communities and constituencies… in the more general sense, and more widely applied, is simply the getting together of friends and family in a certain place to talk about anything and everything, pay respects to the holder of the Majlis, and spending time in the company of your fellows… during the Holy Month of Ramadan, there is much heightened activity on Majlis visiting, with people ‘doing the rounds’of these… sometimes sitting for as little as ten or fifteen minutes, up to longer visits, depending on the amount of visitor traffic flowing into and out of the Majlis

…this month…

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