The Whole Thing Just Gelled!

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Today, I finally realised that this latest story has finally gelled.

Gelled? I’ve been working on this book for months. I’ve been writing it for the last few weeks. How on earth can it have taken so long for the story to have formed itself in my mind?

It’s a curious thing, writing. Some books materialise and are ready, almost fully formed. They flow superbly as soon as the author puts fingers to keys or pen to paper. It’s like going for a walk on a nice gentle slope, no effort needed.

Others take longer. They need a bit more effort, and just will not form sentences on the page as you write. It’s like going for a walk dragging a ball and chain that keep snagging on rocks. Every second sentence needs careful thinking, adding little tweaks to a character’s back story, adding something about his/her personality, motivation, or…

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