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I used to have an old Gulbransen valve radio just like this one.

One thing you soon learn when either reading or writing is that the world around you is full of distractions, and for some – procrastination. If any of you are thinking I do not procrastinate, read that damn book you bought last year! As for distractions, television and computer games are the chief ones. Then there is family or friends wanting to have a deep and meaningful conversation/argument with you. Closely followed by idiots knocking on your door.

However I find it almost impossible to read or write in total silence. What is the answer? In my case it is to have either my television or my shortwave radio tuned to Classic FM or BBC Radio 3; and before you ask – no I do not listen to the Rock and Roll of my youth. I couldn’t stand it then. I sure as hell can’t now!!! You would be surprised how much easier classical or jazz makes both tasks easily achievable.

Both television and computer games demand your constant attention. listening to Rock and Roll tends to make you want to sing along. Never a good idea if your singing is as rubbish and out of tune as mine! Whereas neither listening to classical music nor jazz require you to look anywhere other than the pages of a book or to your computer screen and your current MS. With literally only three or four programs on television worth watching these days, I usually watch them via BBC Iplayer courtesy of my Sony PS4 game console on the following morning after transmission. That leaves the rest of the day to read and write to my heart’s content.

See what I mean, no moving pictures just good music. In this case from Stephane Grapelli. Carry on reading and writing while you listen to the jazz maestro from yesteryear…

5 thoughts on “Writing or…

  1. Jack, that was good jazz! I listened to it and thought, for me it would be a distraction. I need silence to write. During the day I don’t turn the TV on. Driving, I listen to classic rock. Research for my book put we back in the 50s music. Now that was good music. Also love the 80s. So yeah, I love music, but quiet when I write. The radio pic brought back memories. Have a great week! Christine


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