Quietly sweltering

More from Pete in Beetley. Typical of an Englishman to talk about the weather…


The weather is big news everywhere at the moment.

Tragic fires in Greece.
People dying in Japan, after record high temperatures.
Fires in fields all over the UK.
People suffering from sunstroke, in Britain.

And a man and his dog quietly sweltering, in Beetley.

It is now officially the hottest summer since 1976. No rain of any note in Norfolk for six weeks, and constant daytime temperatures in excess of 32 C (90 F) every day. Last night, it didn’t drop below 21 C, and we woke up to another scorcher.

I’m still not complaining. I still haven’t forgotten that long dreary winter, or those years of almost constant rain. I am doing my best to enjoy this rare treat, making me feel as if I am living in a different country. Yes it can be hard to sleep, even using a large fan to cool the room. Yes being…

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7 thoughts on “Quietly sweltering

  1. And California continues to burn. A dear friend in Northern California… I’ve been trying to reach her for weeks now. The leaves are now falling here and the mornings, much cooler. However, the fan is still in use come afternoon. 🙂


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