Writing Lessons 7

Quiet class – sit up straight! Here is your seventh writing lesson from Michael. 🙂


It is a very odd thing, that writers will often miss whole weeks of life. When you are writing from a specific point of view, you become so utterly immersed in that person’s life, that you cannot exist in the real world at the same time. Your partner will get used to grumbles and muttered conversations; they will get used to the writer being in a foul temper, because he/she has just written a dramatic scene including a shouting match, a murder, or just their character being fired and distraught. Writers live many lives, and that does distract. 

Now, I am going to digress a little.

This is something I have written about elsewhere, but it’s so important that I’ll mention it again here.

It is often said that there are two main types of writers: planners/plotters and seat-of-the-pants types. 

Planners/plotters tend to write out finely detailed synopses…

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