Writing Lessons 8

Michael on what happens when things become pear-shaped…


Okay, so what happens when it all goes horribly wrong?

You are sitting down, the writing has been a blast, and you have a brilliant first stage written.  It felt great, it reads really well. But now, you have a problem. This was supposed to be a romcom, but it’s gone all black and dangerous. Or it was supposed to be a book looking at a relationship gone sour, and suddenly there’s a dead body materialised – don’t ask me how this happens, but believe me, it does on occasion. And often these chance appearances can be brilliant for a story. However, right now, all you know is that your plot has run away from you, the characters have altered and the theme of the book is utterly different.

So, what do you do? Is this a happy accident, or have you got to decide to change the whole focus of your book?

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