Writing Lessons 9

Michael on the subject of planning. Or, keeping a notebook on you when you are away from your keyboard. 😉


Today I have been working on a new story, and I’ve got to the magical stage of about 90,000 words, which means that I’m on the easier, downhill slopes and almost at the end of the first draft. Perhaps this is a good time to think about how things are going.

I’ve already spoken about the fact that I tend to be a ‘plan less, write more’ kind of author. Most of my friends are – even the ones you may expect to be detailed planners, like Ian Rankin. 

However, I have a multitude of notebooks and always carry at least two fountain pens with me, no matter where I am. Why? Because you can never tell where or when an idea will suddenly hit you. For example, in my Midori Traveller’s Notebook, which is a brilliant little notepad, I have eight pages which are composed purely of the…

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