Bad Timing| بد موقع

Another anecdote from Laleh…

A Voice from Iran


When I was little, used to get car sick even during short drives. I always had roll down the window and let my head out to get fresh air. One day, my grandmother had a lunch party.


There were many different family members who I hadn’t seen before. The party was very formal and we had to be on our best behavior.

There was an old woman who was very important to my grandmother so we all had to be extra polite around her.


When the party was finished, my grandmother asked my father to give the old woman a ride on our way home. We all said our goodbyes and got into the car with a few other family members to give them rides as well. The respected old lady, my sister, aunts, cousins and I were all stuffed up in the back seat of the car.


This happened…

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