Let’s have fun|بیا خوش بگذرانیم

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A Voice from Iran

A group of young boys were passing by a fruit garden as they were hiking.


On their way they saw a pair of ripped shoes and a faded color shirt and worn out pants beside a tree.


Three of the boys laughed and pointed at the clothes and said who would wear that?

They made fun a lot and one of them said: “Let’s have some fun today.”

The other boy said: “I think it belongs to a fruit picker labor.”


The third boy laughed hard and said: “Oh my God, these must be his best clothes and he changed into something worst then these!”

The first boy said: “Let’s take his clothes and hide behind a tree and see if he cries, that would be a great laugh.”

The second boy said: “Let’s leave a frog in his shoes. That would be hilarious.”

The forth boy was listening to…

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