Thursday Doors

More from Jean 😉

Jean Reinhardt

Thursday Doors this week features some of Enniskillen’s interesting business names, like the one above. Here’s another one I thought pretty clever, notice the tape measure at the foot of the building.

I wouldn’t mind having a meal at this restaurant, as long as they don’t ‘dictate’ what I should choose from the menu.

Franco’s rear is worth showing, too, with its interesting wheel pump. At least, that’s what I think it is.

My last and favourite door in this batch is Granny Annies. I’m definitely sampling their food next trip, maybe their liquid refreshments, too.

Thank you for joining me on my trip to Enniskillen this week. For a great selection of Thursday Doors, check out the blue link at the bottom ofNorm’spost.

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More from Laleh…

A Voice from Iran

23 years ago, my husband, our 6-year-old son and I flew to Turkey to pay a visit.


We toured beautiful Istanbul and Ankara for around ten days. To return to Iran, we decided to go by bus so we could see many parts of Turkey and Iran on the way.


The boarder was like an airport and there were more than 10 buses and many cars waiting in line to be checked. All the passengers were supposed to stay in the terminal.


People had their luggage in line and sat on benches, chairs and some on the floor waiting for their bus to come out of customs.

90 percent of the terminal was fill with Iranian people. A couple approached us and started a conversation: “Hi, how are you? What brought you to Turkey?”


They complimented each one of us and tried to get friendly. They seemed like a nice…

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Stage One


Niccolo Machiavelli


Michaelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Stage One of the research I need for my next book has drawn to its conclusion. I have been reading about Machiavelli and Caravaggio in search of the traits my new chief character needs. From Machiavelli comes intrigue and deviousness. From Caravaggio comes hotheadedness, raging against the world and murderous intent.

While I was reading about both men an idea for a working title sprang to mind – Good Never Triumphs.

As yet I still have to determine the gender of the character, and the time in which it will be set. Before you ask ; no it will not be set in the fifteenth or sixteenth centuries. I have also decided that he, or she, will be a sailor wandering the seven seas. This is where I can draw on my own life as I spent many years doing just that, first in the Pacific in the Royal New Zealand Navy, then the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean in the Merchant Marine and much later on my own sailboat off New Zealand’s East Coast. What he or she gets up too is still undecided. Might he or she be a murderer one step ahead of the authorities? Perhaps they are involved in the drug or contraband or people smuggling game! At this stage its anyones guess.

I’m in no steaming hurry to begin writing. But mark my words, by hook or by crook it will be written. This will be the first time in twenty-three years that my main character will be thoroughly evil.

In the meantime I have a lot of thinking to do…



I’ve Lost My Editor!

I’ve Lost My Editor!

A few thoughts from Michael…


The last weeks have been more than usually busy.

I’m currently working on a new book which is close to being completed which will take me in a new direction – which is why (apologies to agent here) I’m late! Still, I think it’ll be done by the end of this week.

Which is good, because it means that I can crack on with the next book – a follow up to Act of Vengeance. And then I have to write the next Bloody Mary Series book before the end of February too, so I’ve some busy weeks ahead.

However, the last weeks have been particularly busy because our daughter (the child I am used to calling “my little girl”) has flown the nest and gone to university. Which is a strange thing. I appear to have blinked, and missed all the intervening years between her birth and her leaving…

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Low, Low Sun

More from our man in Norfolk…


Anyone who reads this blog regularly will tell you that I am hard to please, and perhaps best described as ‘never happy’. Alright, I confess that when it comes to the weather, that is true.

We have enjoyed an unusually bright October so far. And we have been blessed with very warm days too. Yesterday’s 23 C was a record locally, for a day in October. From sunrise to sunset, we have brilliant sunshine, followed by clear nights with a feast of visible starts.

But it comes with a catch of course.That brilliant sun is very low in the sky. It’s impossible to drive into it, even with sunglasses on and the visor down in the car. It streams through the windows of the house, making it increasingly difficult to see anything on this computer monitor, and to have no chance of watching anything on a flat-screen TV. The irony…

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Why do Book Reviews?

Surely its a given…



First, let’s define exactly what a book review is. By the dictionary app that I have on my iPad a Book Review is acritical description, evaluation, or analysis of a book, especially one published in a newspaper or magazine. I must add also as published on a book site such as Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, etc.

I like to think of Book Reviews as windows to our books through which readers get a glimpse of what is inside. Some reviews are clearer than others and paint a picture that shines through enabling readers to see more. Other reviews are foggy and don’t create a clear view of the content for the reader. Whichever reviews authors receive we are grateful for each and every one.

Now back to my original question: Why Do Book Reviews?

I can’t answer for everyone but here is why I do…

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Myrtle On The Move

An announcement from Cynthia and Jo 😉

Cynthia Reyes

The little purple turtle returns!

Myrtle — who lived in our family’s hearts for 28 years, captured the imagination of S. African illustrator Jo Robinson, then, in the last year, charmed thousands of children and adults around the world — is on the move.

First, she returns this autumn as “Vertu”, in French.  The text was translated by Myrtle-lovers Jean Long and Jessica Charnock, that creative duo whom you’ve met on this blog.

Here’s Jo’s draft of the cover:

Myrtle Vertu Cover French

Then Jessica emailed: Would Jo and I permit her to make a wall hanging of Myrtle? 

Jo and I were giddy with excitement, of course, and Jessica proceeded to hook the Myrtle the Purple Turtle rug.

And what-do-you-know?  Her wall hanging won “honourable mention” at the huge show and conference of the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild last May in our nation’s capital! Congrats, Jessica!

blog-photo-myrtle-hooked-rug-magazine-cover.jpgIn the just-released Autumn issue…

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