Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

Pete’s views on being a pensioner. Or, tightening the purse strings.


Compulsive collecting.

I woke up thinking about films this morning. To be precise, films on DVD. This was because I spent some time on Saturday looking for a film, one I bought on DVD earlier this year. I know I bought it, as I can recall it being delivered. I also have the confirmation that it is on my list of items ordered from Amazon, and they emailed me to ask me to review it. But I couldn’t find it on the jumbled shelves in the tiny room grandly called, ‘my office’.

I also knew that I hadn’t watched it. It had gone onto one of the top shelves, the one reserved for new DVD purchases that I haven’t got around to viewing. They lie there in their plastic wrappers, waiting their turn to to be taken down and watched. But new ones arrive, placed in front or on top…

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