A review that never appeared on Amazon.

Autumn 1066: When Anglo-Saxon dominance ended by [Eason, Jack]

Why won’t it appear there? Because the person hadn’t spent a minimum of £50 on Amazon UK.

So, here it is anyway:

I really enjoyed the book. It was interesting to hear events unfold from a participant’s point of view. It inspired me to find out more about the events, and the different people who were involved.

Thank you,

C. Cousins.

PS – I gave him a paperback copy one day when he delivered my groceries. I started by asking him if he read books. He admitted that his eyes tend to glaze over with any normal length book. So Autumn 1066 was ideal for him, being so short (21 pages).


9 thoughts on “A review that never appeared on Amazon.

    • Just one tiny problem there. Goodreads and I had an acrimonious parting of the ways after I was targetted by certain individuals because I spoke up for one of their many victims at the time…


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