Found it!!!


Don’t you just hate it when a precious object is nowhere to be found? The above Leatherman Wave toolkit was given to me by my mates at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand in 2000 as a going away present. Its more than a handy set of tools. It is a precious gift from good friends. The Leatherman Wave is the ultimate gift any man worth his salt will be grateful for.

A few months ago I went to get it where I thought I had put it, only to find it was nowhere to be seen. I was beside myself I can tell you! I hunted high and low for it. I turned out cupboards, draws. You name it I looked everywhere. All to no avail.In the end I bought a cheap and nasty replacement toolkit.

Then low and behold one day when I was looking for something entirely different, there it was. I made out the shape of its black fitted case, beneath the thing I was looking for.

Now it sits within arms reach of this chair along with my camera, Sangean shortwave radio and my steel Full Hunter pocket watch. It wasn’t a cheap gift to lose by any stretch of the imagination. Amazon UK currently advertises them at £98.86.


9 thoughts on “Found it!!!

  1. You only find things when you are looking for something else. It looks like an advanced version of the Swiss army knife, which has made me think are there any blokes who still carry pen knives, my father always had one in his pocket.

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  2. Sorry to hear the tale, Jack. It’s a horrid feeling to mislay something you treasure, and it’s fatal to put it away in a ‘different’ place!.My husband normally has a brilliant memory, but during one hectic period, a friend gave us a fair amount of money to ‘look after.’ He took charge and it promptly ‘disappeared.’ Panic stations. We hunted high and low, no sign of it. A WEEK later, he found it underneath his car seat cushion…So pleased you were reunited with your gift. Hey ho!

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