Past, Present, and Future

Adam is looking forward to seeing his daughter in Australia…


The Thanksgiving Day celebration went on in an orderly fashion, from rising at 4 AM to place the 23 pound sacrificial turkey in the oven, to relaxing with satiated guests later that evening.

Hard-core family shoppers gathered for 6 AM breakfast at a popular chain restaurant near the malls.  I politely declined their offer to join the entourage.  Instead, chatted with wait staff at a local “greasy spoon” a couple of hours later.

Traditional Holiday Season has been extended from Halloween, through Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That should satisfy the  hardiest of shoppers.

Our daughter returned from Australia–where she will be taking up residence.  She spoke of minor cultural differences in arranging furnishings for rented housing.  Driving on the left, after a week, became second nature.

She cautioned us to obey local speed limits when visiting.  That was prophetic, because on our return trip yesterday, I was stopped by local gendarmerie…

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